Heathvale Wines

Heathvale wines reflect the unique piece of land that William Heath selected as his own all those years ago. The Eden Valley region is higher and therefore cooler, and viticulturally later than the Barossa Valley floor. This provides an ideal climate for full varietal flavour and colour development, whilst maintaining a unique balance in the grape's natural sugar and acidity without agressive tannins forming.

The grapes are hand picked only when sugar and acidity, colour and flavour, are at an optimum balance. Heathvale wines reflect vintage and seasonal variation but are strongly regional in character - rich in flavour, well structured and balanced with an understated elegance.

We are happy to welcome anyone interested in wine who wishes to visit us and taste the current Heathvale wines. Appointments are required so please contact us for directions and to make arrangements for your visit.

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