Barossa Valley Leg of the Tour Down Under

Barossa Valley is frequently busy with activities and events and one of these is a leg of the Tour Down Under, a well-known cycling race, which produces several food and wine festivals through the entire year cranking out an incredible group of people. Barossa Valley should be one of your destinations when you visit South Australia as there is just a great deal to see and do.

It boasts an untouched scenery, tree lined streets and clean crisp countryside air. The valley houses some of the world’s greatest wineries offering Shiraz, the specialty grape selection in the area with outstanding wines made from the Shiraz grapes. In terms of accommodations, Barossa Valley offers a broad range of varieties from cozy bed and breakfasts to caravan parks and even luxury resort accommodation.

The valley will never leave you hungry for one can find an amazing variety of fine foods. Indeed, South Australia pride itself with many wonders and Barossa Valley is one of these, making it a place tourists shouldn’t forget to visit.