Lovely Barossa Valley Wineries

Barossa Valley is one of the major wine areas of Australia. The valley is situated 60 kilometers north of Adelaide and has more than 80 massive and tiny Barossa Valley wineries, some of which are open for public viewing. It is no wonder that when people today want to know the Things to do in Barossa Valley they are typically advised that they try the wines.

It takes weeks for a person to check out the wineries which are present in the Barossa region. For tourists who are there for only handful of days, must strategy out their itinerary which consists of prominent wineries like Yalumba, Penfolds, Jacob’s Creek, Saltram and other folks.

Prior to charting out the travel itinerary, it would be far better to know about some of the wineries which may assist the tourists in planning their itinerary in a greater manner.

Orlando Wines/ Jacob’s Creek

Orlando Wines is one of the oldest winery in the whole Barossa region. The winery was established in the 1830’s, when the wine business had just started out to flourish in Australia. The winery was established by George Wyndham and Johann Gramp. Gramp was the 1st man or woman to plant the very first commercial vineyard in the whole Barossa Region.

The Wyndham Estate exactly where the to begin with winery was planted is deemed as the residence of the Shiraz grapes, as the Wyndham estate is the place wherever the Shiraz grapes had been first planted. The title of its famous brand Jacob’s Creek was named immediately after Johann Gramp who migrated from Germany and founded the Orlando Wines.

Grant Burge Winery

Grand Burge officially came into existence in the year 1988. The winery was restored massively and now has a tasting room exactly where tourists can come and taste the standard Barossa wines in customized produced chandeliers and ornamental glasses.

The winery is owned by the Burge family members who has been living in the Barossa Valley due to the fact the early 1850’s. The loved ones migrated from Wiltshire in England and was concerned in agricultural actions. The family members 1st entered into wine producing in the year 1916 when Percival Burge established the Wilsford Winery. The winery is nevertheless owned and operated by the Burge household and is recognized for generating high good quality wines.


Rockford Winery has been inexistence for extra than one hundred years. The winery is regarded for producing the popular Rockford Wines which is exceptionally well known all close to the globe. The most astounding thing about the winery is that, it employs one hundred year outdated equipments to make wines.

Vacationers are amazed to see the age outdated processes which are utilized for creating standard hand crafted wines. The century outdated equipments used for manufacturing wines are place in use all through the summers which is when the guests must go to the winery.


Seppelt Winery was established in the year 1851 by a Polish immigrant named Joseph Seppelt. More than a period of additional than 150 many years, Seppelt wines have gained a reputation as one of the finest winery in the entire nation. Seppelt wines are in demand all more than the globe. The winery is properly recognized for its signature wine “The Old Para Tawny Port” which has been in existence for much more than a hundred years.


Penfolds winery was established in the year 1844 by an English Physician named Rawson Penfold. The winery is thought of as one of the oldest winery in the complete nation. The historic winery is a well-liked tourist location and is visited by range of vacationers. Tourists can also buy or taste some of the wines which are made there.


Saltram winery came into existence in the year 1859. The winery is situated on a hillside outdoors Angaston in the Barossa Valley. The winery is popular for its fortified wines and a restaurant. Vacationers adore the restaurant as they not only get to taste some fine meals but can also delight in the view and the wines which are created there.

In addition to the over there are lots of wineries which are special and have historic importance. Vacationers have to have to strategy out their journey and ought to add couple of days if they are planning to pay a visit to all the wineries in the Barossa region.